Arjun specializes in bringing cutting edge mentalism and magic to the modern audience. Fusing together principles from various disciplines such as Magic, Psychology and Deception, he aims to provide intellectually stimulating and relevant entertainment. He strives to bring about a change in his audiences perception and make them question What is Possible and What Isn’t.

He takes inspiration from Pop Icons, like Sherlock, Lucifer, House, Hannibal and the likes to design shows that are extremely different and captivating.

He understands the importance of creating shows that are the audience can relate to and hence custom tailors each show to match the event and its requirements.


Shows that ‘Make Sense’

Arjun understands that each set of audience is different and that it is important to adapt and change the act to suit their requirements and needs. He makes sure that each and every thing that he does incorporates interaction with the audience making sure that they are in the end an integral part of his show.

He thereby focuses on creating highly tailor made and customized shows to best connect with the audience and give them the best possible experience, the Arjun Guru experience.


The YouTube Series

Starting out with pursuing art as a career, Arjun always found it slightly weird that most of the successful artists seemed to be overnight sensations, even though they had to work hard to get where they are. Combining his love for film-making with that to inspire people, he finally decided to launch his own Vlog series on his YouTube channel, to entertain and reach a larger audience.

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Predicted the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Arjun successfully predicted the FIFA world cup in 2018 after locking his predictions about what what goes on after the quarter finals in a safe. His predictions were signed and sealed by MLA Hibi Eden and Film Actor Sharan Puthumana and subsequently locked up in a safe.

He made predictions about the semi finals, the finals and the third place as well as the Golden Boot, Golden Glove and Golden Ball. He got almost all of his predictions right.



Arjun aims to bring the art of magic and mentalism to the new generation of audience who prefers intellectually stimulating entertainment that makes them think. Arjun was born and brought up in Saudi Arabia and was lucky enough to have found his calling early on in life. He has always dreamed making a successful career in the arts.
He started off with a love for magic that eventually progressed into mentalism where he figured he can fuse his love for illusions with that of mystery and story telling to create an enticing and invigorating experience in the minds of his audience. Over the last 3 years Arjun has been performing for colleges and corporate audiences all over the country. He is currently based off Kochi.

One of Arjun’s biggest dreams is to educate and inspire people to do what they love and follow their dreams and help them do that but providing them with the resources as well as the knowledge required to do that. He has a few initiatives in the works to do the same. He is currently working on various YouTube projects focusing on mentalism as well as Social Psychology which is another one of his interests.

Upcoming Events

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